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Mercedes Benz Classic Services

Services for Mercedes-Benz

Lubrication Service

  • LOF - Engine oil and filter change and lube chassis.
  • Add W/W solvent.
  • Check and correct all fluid levels
  • Check condition of v-belts
  • Check and correct tire pressures
  • Inspect tires for wear and damage
  • Check thickness of brake pads and condition of brake rotors
  • Verify proper operation of lights, horn, and wiper/washer system
  • Recommended at 3,000 mile intervals


         Minor Tune-Up

  • All included in OLF plus: replace spark plugs and adjust proper gap, replace ignition points and adjust dwell, condenser, adjust ignition timing, replace air cleaner, lube all doors, trunk and hood hinges. Add fuel additive.
  • Recommended every 15,000 miles.

          Major Tune-up

  • All included in minor tune-up plus adjust valves, replace valve cover gasket, ck engine timing, ck trigger points, replace fuel filter, ck for leaks. On models with air suspenssion or hydraulic manual self leveling we inspect the system and perform function test. 


Brake Fluid Flush

  • Evacuate old brake fluid from reservoir
  • Refill system with fresh brake fluid and pressure-bleed lines and calipers
  • Recommended every year for vehicles built prior to 1998

Cooling System Service

  • Drain cooling system and refill cooling system with Mercedes-Benz Antifreeze / Anti-corrosion agent, diluted with water to proper strength.
  • pressure test cooling system, inspect for leaks.
  • Recommended every three years

Rotate & Balance Tires

  • Perform computerized spin balance of all four wheels.
  • Inspect for tire condition for wear damage. 
  • Rotate tires upon re-installation
  • Road test vehicle

Automatic Transmission Service

  • Drain old fluid from transmission and torque converter
  • Replace transmission oil filter and oil pan gasket
  • inspect for abnormal wear.
  • Recommended every 30,000 miles

Differential Service

  • Drain old lubricant and inspect for abnormal wear.
  • Refill with appropriate type and weight gear oil
  • Recommended every 60,000 miles

Air Conditioning Service

  • Recover refrigerant from the system; record the weight of refrigerant removed
  • Place system under vacuum to check for leaks and prepare for recharge
  • Refill system with factory-specified quantity and type of refrigerant
  • Test for proper operation

It is a common misconception that R-12 “Freon” refrigerant is no longer available and that older cars must be converted to operate with R-134a refrigerant. Not true! R-12 and R-134a have different heat transfer and oil transport properties. Each type works best in an A/C system designed specifically for it. Although R-12 is slightly more expensive when the time comes to recharge your A/C system, we believe this doesn't justify the tremendous cost and somewhat reduced performance associated with a conversion to R-134a.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

If you're considering the purchase of a pre-owned Mercedes, a pre-purchase inspection is a wise decision. We can give you a clear understanding of the car's overall condition and point out specific issues that will need to be addressed. The benefits to you are:

  • We can protect you from purchasing a vehicle with hidden problems and requiring expensive repairs.
  • We provide you with an estimate that will help you negotiate the best price with the seller. We perform a comprehensive inspection and road test.


 For an additional cost we can perform additional test such as : compression test, a/c system test ,electrical test...etc in the event there are some problems with the car and the seller tells you something you are not clear.

Beyond the basic inspection described above, we can investigate specific items in greater detail if needed. Let's say, for example, you've found a car you like but the air conditioning doesn't work. The seller tells you, “it just needs a Freon refill.” Do you believe him? We can test the A/C system thoroughly and tell you what the problem really is.

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