Practical old remedies if you’re in a remote area:


If my radiator is leaking coolant (anti-freeze), what should I do?
You could temporarily stop the leak by using egg whites. This will keep your vehicle running without damaging the radiator or overheating the engine until you reach a repair facility.



What should I do if my engine belt breaks?
One good thing to keep in your glove compartment is shoelaces or nylon. By tying the shoelaces (nylon) together around the water pump pulley and crankshaft pulley you’ll make a temporary engine belt. Drive slowly and with care because you will not have power steering. Turn off all accessories (headlights, radio, A/C, etc.). Leave your hazard lights on.





What should I do if I have a gas leak from my fuel tank?
A bar of soap will do the trick. Find where the gas is leaking from the tank and scrub over the hole until the leak stops. This is a safe way of stopping a fuel leak. You may find this at any nearby convenience store.



What should I do if my brakes fail?
In the event your brake pedal goes to the floor, first thing is turn the engine off by turning the key to the left one click. Do not turn the key completely off! This will lock your steering wheel and you WILL NOT be able to steer. Keep pumping the brakes to try to build up pressure in the brake master cylinder. You can also slow down the speed by downshifting in lower gears.





What should I do if my car accelerates without control?
If your vehicle should start accelerating on its own (stuck throttle linkage or cable, defective or problem with idle control motor or control unit), turn off the key by turning to the left one click. Do not lock steering wheel. If the engine cannot be turned off, due to the computer taking over, try holding pressure on the brakes and move the shifter in neutral position. This will disengage your transmission.




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